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What are online Loans?

It is short term loans up to $1000. Repayment terms vary within one month. You pay the money back automatically when you get the next paycheck. The convenience of Loans is in the same day deposit. If you submit the request early enough for the bank to perform the money transaction.

Are Payday Loans legal in Cleveland, OH?

Payday loans as well as other loans in Ohio are regulated by the Ohio Revised Code, Title [13] XIII. According to it, Payday Loans are legal for Cleveland residents with the following interest rates and terms.

MAX Loan Amount




Repayment Terms

91 days - 1 year

Eligibility Criteria

  • Ohio residence
  • Minimum regular income of $1,000 per month
  • Valid checking or savings account with direct deposit
  • Phone number and e-mail address

So, for a 14-day $100 Payday Loan your monthly payment will include $1.08 fee and 28% APR. Interest rates and fees may depend on the loan amount you’re applying for and your credit score. Maximum 1 Payday Loan is allowed at a time, or up to 4 loans during the year with 90 days of cooling-off period between 2 consequent loans.

If you fail to repay the loan on time, apply for a repayment plan for 60 days. Keep in mind, rollovers are forbidden. So are any criminal actions against borrowers. For any violations contact the Ohio Department of Commerce.


The basic eligibility criteria are:

  • Over 18 years of age
  • Cleveland (US) residence
  • A proof of regular income
  • An active checking account 
  • A valid phone number and e-mail address 
  • A valid Social Security Number
  • Government issued a photo ID.

How to get Payday Loans?


Apply online

To apply for a Loan online in Cleveland, Ohio start with filling out a simple application form that requires you to state your name, last name, e-mail address for verification, and the amount of the loan you need.


Get instant decision form a direct lender

Then, a lender processes your personal information and makes a decision whether to approve you for this amount or not and what rates and terms to offer.


Approved applicants receive same day Loan

In most cases you get instant approval and the money is deposited into your bank account the same day, or maximum in 1 - 2 business days depending on the time when you submit a loan request and how your bank works.

Can you get a Loan ASAP?

Why are Loans considered so easy? Most borrowers will prove that it's true. If you've ever tried to apply for a Payday advance online you can't but agree that it's the simplest and most convenient way for urgent cash. Among the numerous benefits are:

Easy online application

Quick loan processing

No hard credit checks

Bad credit is not a problem

24/7 online service

Same day funding

Convenient repayment

Simple requirements

Instant approval even without checking account

Not always we can boast of a perfect credit history. Everybody makes mistakes and our credit score may suffer from it. But it doesn't mean it's not possible to get approved for online Loans. Plenty of  Payday Lenders offer emergency cash advance to bad credit borrowers as well as those with a good score.

Apply now, get matched with more than 300 reliable lenders in Cleveland within minutes, get the cash advance in your bank account as fast as the next business day.

Consider Payday Loan Alternatives

  • Installment Loans up to $5,000 with flexible monthly payments. Available for any credit online and in-store. 
  • Personal Loans up to $35,000 for 3 - 7 years terms. Lower rates and convenient terms. May be available for bad credit but at higher interest.
  • Car Title Loans - short-term cash loans secured by a vehicle title as collateral. You can get up to $10,000 for 30 days and keep driving your car while making payments.
  • Check Cashing that provides you with the necessary money from the check cashed.
  • Prepaid debit cards.

Best Payday Loan Places in Cleveland Ohio

Loans Available in the following Locations in Cleveland, OH Zip Codes:

44101, 44102, 44103, 44104, 44105, 44106, 44107, 44108, 44109, 44110, 44111, 44112, 44113, 44114, 44115, 44116, 44117, 44118, 44119, 44120, 44121, 44122, 44123, 44124, 44125, 44126, 44127, 44128, 44129, 44130, 44131, 44132, 44133, 44134, 44135, 44136, 44137, 44138, 44139, 44140, 44141, 44142, 44143, 44144, 44145, 44146, 44147, 44181, 44188, 44190, 44191, 44192, 44193, 44194, 44195, 44197, 44198, 44199

Advance America - 1740 Snow Rd, Cleveland, OH 44134 - tel: (216) 351-7182

Advance America - 6750 Biddulph Rd Ste 102, Cleveland, OH 44144 - tel: (216) 739-9442

Advance America - 6240 Mayfield Rd, Cleveland, OH 44124 - tel: (440) 646-9042

Advance America - 4767 Northfield Rd, Cleveland, OH 44128 - tel: (216) 587-9133

Advance America - 6440 Pearl Rd, Cleveland, OH 44130 - tel: (440) 885-8724

Advance America - 13708 Lorain Ave, Cleveland, OH 44111 - tel: (216) 941-5361

Advance America - 4799 Turney Rd, Cleveland, OH 44125 - tel: (216) 441-0761

Advance Pay USA - 4802 Turney Rd, Cleveland, OH 44125 - tel: (216) 429-9801

Check N' Go - 4660 Ridge Rd, Cleveland, OH 44144 - tel: (216) 661-8484

National Cash Advance - 5194 Pearl Rd, Cleveland, OH 44129 - tel: (216) 739-9419

State Cash Advance - 23061 Emery Rd, Cleveland, OH 44128 - tel: (216) 292-9655

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